Space: the new space race and its intersection with power, the rules based order and the economy

28-29 January 2021


“Climate judo”: how can the impact of the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis be turned into effective action on climate change?

25-26 February 2021


Europe and the UK: building a new partnership after Brexit

18-19 March 2021


Global finance, states and societies: how can finance be one of the heroes of a green recovery from the great pandemic?

22-24 April 2021


China today

20-22 May 2021


British Politics and Constitution

10-12 June 2021


Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture LVII

26 June 2021


Prospects for the new American administration

9-11 September 2021


Democracy in the Indo-Pacific and the UK's role as ally

21-23 October 2021


The future of work and how do we prepare for it?

18-20 November 2021


World Order

2-4 December 2021