Security in Africa in a Changing World: Building the necessary partnerships and capabilities
In cooperation with the Brenthurst Foundation, and others
Chair: HE Hailemariam Desalegn

23-25 January 2020


Technology, society and the state: how can we remain competitive, and true to our values, as the technological revolution unfolds and accelerates?
Chair: Ms Julie Brill

20-22 February 2020


Defining the modern United Kingdom: how can we unite at home and what role do we want to play in the world?
Chair: The Rt Hon The Lord Hill of Oareford CBE

12-14 March 2020


The new economic insecurity: how is the coronavirus crisis affecting economic insecurity and what must be done to face this and future crises?
Chair: Dame Sara Thornton DBE QPM

2-5 June 2020


Ditchley Foundation Annual Lecture LVI
The Privilege of Service
Delivered by The Right Honourable Michael Gove MP

27 June 2020

The 2020 Greentree conference at Ditchley:
The US and the UK: a special relationship for the 21st century?
In cooperation with American Ditchley

10-11 September 2020

Living with COVID-19: what are the implications for the world if a vaccine remains elusive?

15-16 October 2020


WorldOrder: what can and should it mean today?
A Ditchley conference in honour of Dr Henry Kissinger

3-4 December 2020