A legacy for Ditchley

"Ditchley is a magical setting where the fundamental problems which shape our time and our thinking can be debated freely and frankly, and ways forward identified. In the age of the sound-bite, we need Ditchley and places like it more than ever." 

The Rt Hon. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen (Former Chairman of Ditchley's Council of Management)


Sir David Wills’ initial endowment remains the principal source of funding for the Foundation, supplemented by fundraising and with additional revenue from the guest conference programme. 

We seek the support of all those who believe in the idea behind Ditchley, as conceived by Sir David Wills and as it has evolved over the intervening years, to consider remembering Ditchley in their will. It is a gift which will cost the giver nothing in their lifetime, but such bequests, no matter the size, will be of enormous benefit to the continuation of this unique and independent institution.

We would be happy to acknowledge all gifts publicly and have various options for doing so which we would be happy to discuss with you. Alternatively, you may prefer your gift to remain anonymous. In either case, we would ask that you let us, and your loved ones, know your wishes.

To request a Legacy Information Pack please send an email with your details to katie@ditchley.com or write to Ms Katie Williams, Major Events and Projects Lead, The Ditchley Foundation, Ditchley Park, Enstone, Chipping Norton, OX7 4ER.

Thank you for considering such a gift.