15 October 2020 - 16 October 2020

Living with COVID-19: what are the implications for the world if a vaccine remains elusive?



The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has emerged as the greatest shock to the global economy and our way of life since the 1940s. The economic and societal damage caused by a global shutdown recession will take time to address and have long-lasting consequences that are probably not yet fully understood. Global hopes are centred on a vaccine or effective treatments but these are not assured outcomes. Our discussion will be predicated on the premise that attempts to find a vaccine fail and instead governments and societies would have to adapt to life with COVID-19 as a permanent feature. The discussion will range over not only issues of public health but also the impact on the global economy and globalisation and on geopolitical and technological trends, exploring how far the modern integrated world we have become used to would have to change.