Past Transcripts

I : Inaugural Lecture: The Anatomy of Anglo-American Relations
Delivered by Mr H V Hodson
27 April 1962

II : The Dimensions of the Atlantic Alliance
Delivered by General Lauris Norstad
18 October 1963

III : Friends and Relations
Delivered by Mr Arnold Heeney QC
19 June 1964

IV : The Roots of British Foreign Policy
Delivered by Lord Caccia
5 November 1965

V : International Monetary Systems: An American perspective
Delivered by Hon Douglas Dillon
8 July 1966

VI : The English-Speaking People in a Changing World
Delivered by Sir Robert Menzies
28 July 1967

VII : An International Weather Forecast
Delivered by Sir Alec Douglas-Home
19 July 1968

VIII : The Americans and Europe: rhetoric and reality
Delivered by Hon McGeorge Bundy
18 July 1969

IX : The Evolving Commonwealth
Delivered by The Rt Hon Malcolm MacDonald
25 September 1970

X : Environment: A Global Perspective
Delivered by the Hon Russell E Train
23 July 1971

XI : The Concept of Universal Man
Delivered by Lord Clark of Saltwood
28 July 1972

XII : Europe and the Americans
Delivered by Dr Joseph Luns
21 September 1973

XIII : One Earth: the problems and opportunities on a very interdependent planet
Delivered by Father Theodore Hesburgh
September 1974

XIV : Politics and the Environment
Delivered by Lord Ashby
18 July 1975

XV : America's Imports Revalued: the Tributaries of American Culture
Delivered by Congresswoman Barbara Jordan
23 July 1976

No Annual Lecture

XVI : France, the European Community and the Western Alliance:
The Outlook after the French General Elections

Delivered by M. Maurice Schumann
21 July 1978

No Annual Lecture

XVII : On the Usefulness of Biological Science
Delivered by Dr Lewis Thomas
11 July 1980

XVIII : The Economic Challenges of the '80s
Delivered by Dr Otmar Emminger
17 July 1981

XIX : God in Search of Us
Delivered by Cardinal Basil Hume
16 July 1982

XX : The Atlantic Alliance: Tasks for Tomorrow
Delivered by The Hon Cyrus R Vance
15 July 1983

XXI : Philosophy and Public Policy
Delivered by Dame Mary Warnock
20 July 1984

XXII : The ECU and its contribution to the stability of the international monetary system
Delivered by M Valery Giscard D'Estaing
12 July 1985

XXIII : Japan's Role from the Global Perspective
Delivered by Ambassador Yoshio Okawara
July 1986

XXIV : English Anchor - American Sail: Two Centuries of the American Constitution
Delivered by Professor Benno Schmidt
17 July 1987

XXV : Paradise after the Fall: in Search of Contemporary Australia
Delivered by Dame Leonie Kramer
15 July 1988

XXVI : The French Revolution and the Development of Western Democracy
Delivered by Mr François Furet
30 June 1989

XXVII : Towards a New Concert of Europe
Delivered by Lord Carrington
July 1990

XXVIII : After the Persian Gulf: American Politics and Policy in the 1990s
Delivered by the Hon Thomas S Foley
5 July 1991

XXIX : Europe in the ‘90s
Delivered by Dr Kurt Biedenkopf
10 July 1992

XXX : Cold War, Chill Peace
Delivered by Professor Sir Michael Howard
July 1993

XXXI : The Russia in Europe’s Future: Engagement, not containment
Delivered by HE The Hon Thomas R Pickering
July 1994

XXXII : Inter-governmental co-operation and integration in the European Union
Delivered by Professor Guiliano Amato
July 1995

XXXIII : Has diplomacy a future?
Delivered by The Rt Hon Douglas Hurd CH CBE MP
July 1996

XXXIV : The United Nations, regionalism and the future of international peace and security
Delivered by Ambassador William Richardson
July 1997

XXXV : Intervention
Delivered by HE Kofi Annan
26 June 1998

XXXVI : Who Needs Art?
Delivered by Sir Richard Eyre
July 1999

XXXVII : The human consequences of the information revolution
Delivered by Hon James H. Billington
July 2000

No Annual Lecture was held, due to maintenance work on the Mansion.

XXXVIII : Refugees in a globalized world
Delivered by HE Ruud Lubbers
July 2002

XXXIX : Judging Today
Delivered by The Rt Hon The Lord Bingham of Cornhill
July 2003

XL : America and Europe: what is the role of soft power?
Delivered by The Honorable Joseph Nye
July 2004

XLI : Britain's role: Has Dean Acheson's question been answered yet?
Delivered by The Rt Hon The Lord Patten of Barnes
July 2005

XLII : Balancing Society and Market:  Public Policy and Growth for Africa
Delivered by the Honourable Trevor A Manuel MP
July 2006

XLIII : The Challenges of a Dynamically Changing World
Delivered by the Honorable Brent Scowcroft
July 2007

XLIV :  The Next Half-Century: a Scientist's Hopes and Fears
Delivered by Lord Rees of Ludlow
July 2008

XLV : Europe's global role - what next steps?
Delivered by Dr Javier Solana
July 2009

XLVI : Obama, America, and the World:  A Promise at Risk
Delivered by The Honorable Strobe Talbott
July 2010

XLVII : The changing face of government
Delivered by The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG, CH
July 2011

XLVIII: Changing Turkish foreign policy in a changing world?
Delivered by Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu
July 2012

XLIX: 'After "The decade of war"'
Delivered by The Rt Hon. David Miliband
July 2013 

L: 'The post-Ukraine world order'
Delivered by Professor Michael Ignatieff
July 2014

LI: 'Global conflicts and human displacement: 21st Century challenges'
Delivered by UN High Commissioner António Guterres
July 2015

LII: The Court and the World
Delivered by The Honorable Stephen Breyer
July 2016

LIII: In Defense of Globalism
Delivered by The Honorable John F. Kerry
July 2017

LIV: Playing Globalisation by the Rules
Delivered by EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager
July 2018