The coronavirus and a broadening view of talent

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In the last weeks a wide range of individuals have made heroic efforts in response to the national emergency – from healthcare workers, manufacturers and supermarket workers continuing to work and expose themselves to illness. This demonstrates the wide range of occupations and professions on which we depend, but also shines a spotlight on the disparities between those whose livelihoods are most and least at risk during these times.

In what ways, then, is the coronavirus affecting our view of talent – not only which attributes we most value and society needs but also the occupations or professions and institutions to which we apply the term? What can be done in order to expand people’s understanding of talent following this crisis? What would a more equitable understanding of talent entail and what examples are we seeing emerge in the crisis?  What are the downsides of the crisis when it comes to identification and celebration of different types of talent?

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